Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jellyfish Lake, Palau - this week's amazing place...

As an avid watcher of Survivor, I was chuffed to see Jellyfish Lake again featured in an episode of the season currently airing on SABC.

For those who don't follow Survivor, one of the reward challenges offered the prize of snorkeling in Jellyfish Lake, Palau.
Jellyfish Lake is located on Eli Malk island in Palau. The surrounding islands are mostly uninhabited, but the lake offers a peculiar phenomenon in the form of millions of non-stinging jellyfish which migrate across the surface daily.
Although the lake is connected to the ocean via several fissures and tunnels, it is sufficiently isolated from surrounding lagoons to have allowed the jellyfish in it, to evolve in a rather unique manner.

The jellyfish do still have stingers, but their stinging cells are generally not powerful enough to be of any danger to humans - apparently due to a lack of predators, they have lost the ability to defend themselves over thousands of years.
This means that humans can safely snorkel in the lake, in a surreal and somewhat eerie setting...:

What an awesome... and bizarre place :)
Read more over at Wikipedia.

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