Thursday, November 18, 2010

So Cell C has now OFFICIALLY upgraded JHB and Pretoria... So how will this benefit you?

Well for starters, you will only feel any kind of benefit if you are a Cell C subscriber (duh) :)

Second to that, your phone needs to be capable of the data speeds that Cell C now offers.
The JHB upgrade actually started about 2 weeks ago - all of a sudden one Saturday, my Nokia N97 started displaying a little blue "3G" icon under the network signal...

Much to my disbelief, I was able to download a 4MB song in 10 seconds, onto my phone... A feat which would have been totally impossible on their previous infrastructure.
So I have been testing the new data connection for about 2 weeks now - first impressions?
Well it certainly pushes my little handset to its limits - because the N97 can only download at 3.6Mbps...
To get a true picture of Cell C's new data network speeds, I would need to get hold of one of their USB modems and try that out.

Trouble is, I don't really need one, since my ADSL serves me just fine :)
So unless Cell C want to donate one to me, it 'aint gonna happen soon!

In a "real world" setting though, it's all going to depend on what type of cellular user you are - if you just make calls and send / receive the occasional SMS, then Cell C's new "4Gs" network isn't really going to do much more for you (and don't be deceived - it 'aint true 4G - it's Cell C trying to be clever - they explain that it stands for "for great speed, for great service"...)

If, however, you call, SMS, email and surf the net on your phone regularly in your average day, then your life is about to get a little easier.
From my short 2 week testing stint, I can honestly say that emailing and surfing the net on my phone is now a total breeze, in comparison to the past.
My only gripe is that I still come across lots of areas in JHB where my phone only gets EDGE (i.e. dog slow)...
Maybe now that the JHB rollout is official, this situation will improve?

All in all though, a huge pat on the back goes out to Cell C for having finally delivered on a long awaited promise!

Are you with Cell C?
If so, have you felt the benefits of their network upgrade?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Plebs with Kids has gone live!

In case you missed it, or in case you have not been picking up my updates on Facebook and Twitter, I launched my new blog "Plebs with Kids" this week.

Plebs with Kids has been a work in progress for over a year now - something that I have been working on and building up gradually.

In a nutshell, Plebs with Kids is an online resource for parents who need places to take their little ones, where they can be sure that the kiddies are well catered for, and where the parents can also get themselves a decent cuppa and a bite to eat :)

For the plebs...
...and for the kids :)
Truth is, JHB can be pretty limited when it comes to entertaining the little ones, which is why Plebs with Kids came about in the first place.
There are hidden gems to be found all over the place though, if we just take the time to find them... and that is exactly what we do :)

Plebs with Kids writes detailed reviews on venues that it visits, primarily in and around Johannesburg.
Sometimes we do venture further afield though - just this week we reviewed The Waterberry in Ballito.

You can keep in touch and up to date with our reviews and activities in several ways:

- Visit Plebs with Kids directly at
- Subscribe to our RSS feed at
- Receive automatic email updates when new reviews go live
- Follow us on Twitter
- Join our Facebook page
Share your own experiences with us
- Suggest places to review
- Share articles using the Social Networking icons on the site (Facebook, Twitter, Email etc.)
- Email us at

Want to advertise on Plebs with Kids?
Just drop me an email at for further information - we have tons of ad space available.

Come and visit often - we are adding new reviews and updates all the time, and we welcome your feedback and participation!

Get yourself the HP G62 Core i3 laptop for only R 6750!

*Please note that this special is no longer available*:

The HP G62 notebook has been making a few waves in the industry of late, mainly due to the impressive specs it boasts, for the decidedly competitive price tag that it carries.

Check it out - stylish and sleek:
...and the specs:

Intel Core i3 2.26Ghz
4GB RAM (2 modules)
15.6" HD LED
Webcam & Built-in mic
Wireless LAN (802.11b,g,n)
3 x USB
1 x VGA out
1 x HDMI out
DVD-RW with Lightscribe
5-in-1 Card Reader
Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit (no media in box - user needs to create recovery DVD's in Windows)
6 Cell Battery
1 Year Carry-in Warranty

Current pricing = R 6750 (in stock now)

Now these specs are all nice and shiny here, but how does this baby run?
Well I have setup several of these machines this week, and my first impressions were really good.
From experience, any laptop that retails for this kind of price will be capable of a Windows Experience Index base score of about 3.5 - 3.6.
That sits squarely in the middle of the road in terms of performance - for more about Windows Experience Index scores, see this article.

The HP G62, however, generates a Windows Experience Index base score of 4.6, which is well above the average in this price range - and it certainly shows.
Add to that the "future-proofing", inherent in buying a Core i3 notebook, and you have a sure winner for the price.

The HP G62 is currently in stock, but they are going fast so click here to get your order in now!
Alternatively, fill out our Contact Form for any queries about the product.

...and the fine print: :)

- Terms strictly COD
- Strictly no returns or credit on opened goods
- All pricing above is subject to stock availability - to be confirmed on placement of order
- Above pricing is valid for 7 working days only
- Please allow 4-6 working days for delivery
- Nybbles and Bytes cc is not VAT registered

*Please note that this special is no longer available*

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