Thursday, March 25, 2010

The most irritating part of Windows XP...

I love Windows XP.
Well, I don't actually LOVE it in the traditional sense of the word, but man oh man it stands out as one great operating system.

Sure, it has already been double-eclipsed by the likes of Windows Vista (aaarrgghhhh!) and Windows 7 (...hmmm not doing too badly so far!).
Even so, many of my clients and colleagues alike still swear by it, either because of all the bad press surrounding Vista, or because they fear that Windows 7 may be as bad as Vista... :)

I just have one point of contention about Windows XP - when Microsoft were coding it, designing it, creating it and making it a reality, what on earth made them think that Windows XP will only ever be installed in a noise-friendly environment?
Have you ever installed Windows XP yourself? Try it out sometime if you haven't - there is a point near the end of the install where some chilled out "Enya"-like music decides to play (if the correct sound card driver loads), while you click through various configuration screens.
Now this is all well and good, and it certainly isn't the worst piece of background music that they could have chosen, but it wouldn't have killed Microsoft to put a darn MUTE button in there somewhere...!

I am a bit of a geek, since only a geek could ever be caught installing Windows XP late at night... the point here is that the last thing you need at that point is music to come blaring out during your installation - and Microsoft seem to have set the volume level to "just too loud".
The music continues on as you click through various options, and for the life of me I have never been able to find out how to shut it up.
No amount of "Mute" combo keys can do the trick, at least not in my experience. One post I found online suggested cutting off a 3.5" headphone jack and plugging it into the audio out, which tricks the PC / laptop into muting the sound :)

BTW, if you want to hear the music I am referring to, but don't feel like doing a full XP install, just navigate to C:/WINDOWS/system32/oobe/images/title.wma if you are running Windows XP - that's your song!


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