Thursday, September 13, 2012

Richarge - an exciting and innovative new concept to keep your cellphone powered up while on the move...

I have written a fair deal on Nybbles & Bytes that relates to keeping mobile devices powered up when on the go.
We depend on cellphones, iPads and other electronic devices so heavily nowadays, that it feels like we have lost a limb when the battery dies...

I recently found out about a local company called Richarge - they have brought a highly innovative product to market, specifically geared towards South African cellphone users who need to top up their batteries when they are out and about, away from a ready power source or a charger.

Now you may be thinking that public cellphone charging stations are nothing new - I recall having seen this concept somewhere myself before.
The cool bit here though, is that Richarge is the first company in South-Africa to design and manufacture Secure, Public, Cell Phone Charging Stations - Proudly South African!
Richarge has therefore developed their charging stations with the South African context firmly in mind.

They sent me through this write up to provide a better idea of what the product can do:

RiCharge machines have been specifically designed with security in mind and offers people the opportunity to securely charge their cell phones in public areas – Proudly South-African!
With their sleek design and option of eco friendly solar powered units, this has to be one of the most innovative ideas to hit SA!

The RiCharge machine works like a normal vending machine:
  • You insert money (Normally R10 per 30 min);
  • You select your own unique 4-digit code (works like a small hotel safe);
  • The machine then selects an available secure charging compartment for you;
  • Inside each compartment you will find different charging tips (supports all phone models);
  • Select your tip + plug in your phone, then close the door; 
Your phone will now securely charge while you go about doing whatever you want to do.

RiCharge machines work great in any type of venue as there is a need almost everywhere for this type of service. Keep an eye open because RiCharge machines will soon be located at various locations – Malls, Airports, Restaurants, Bars, Outdoor events etc.
Think of us as a gas station for your phone!

So why are venue owners loving the RiCharge concept? By hosting a RiCharge machine at your venue you will instantly increase your foot count - this will automatically lead to an increase in sales and obviously make customers come back for more.

It’s a win win situation

...and it gets better – RiCharge machines are available to the public! 
Start your own RiCharge business or become a distributing partner - for more info on this exciting new industry, go visit

Even if you are just looking for an additional source of income on the side, and you have some cash to invest - this can be a great way to start a small business.

Sounds like a great concept to me - I hope we start seeing these all over the place!
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Monday, September 10, 2012

Can Hungary ruffle some Dutch feathers in the World Cup 2014 qualifiers...?

I don't normally blog about anything even mildly sport-related, mainly because I am not very sporting - I mean I could only make the "C" team for soccer back in primary school...
Let's just say that my sporting talents are not quite world-class... :)

Regardless, I do enjoy watching sport, and there are some sporting events in particular that grab my attention, and the FIFA Soccer World Cup is one of them.
Although the next instalment of this event only takes place in 2014 in Brazil, the qualifying games recently kicked off around the world.
One such game takes place in Budapest tomorrow (11 September 2012), between Hungary and The Netherlands.
Now if you have any knowledge of European names, then you will know why this interests me.
My name in my bio somewhere down the right of this blog, gives away the fact that I am, at least in part, Hungarian :)

Now on the face of it, this should be a walkover for The Netherlands - let's not forget that these guys were runners-up in the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup tournament.
Also, the Hungarian national soccer team has failed to qualify for a major tournament's finals since 1986, so that just can't be good...

On the flip side, if we look back in history, Hungary boasts a respectable record on the soccer field, with 3 x Olympic gold medals (1952, 1964, 1968), and 2 x FIFA World Cup runner-up titles (1938, 1954) to their name.
Way back before my time, somewhere in the 1950's, there existed a Hungarian national soccer team that were nicknamed "The Golden Team" or "The Magical Magyars".
They are credited as having "re-invented football" in the post World War II era - as an example of this, click here to read about what became known as "The Match of the Century" - England vs. Hungary, in 1953 at Wembley Stadium, where Hungary gave the English a serious lesson in football.
If you have some serious time on your hands, why not just watch the whole match here :)

Since then of course, unfortunately there hasn't been much to speak of in terms of their achievements.

In recent years though, after decades of dormancy, the Hungarian national soccer team has had some surprise and promising successes against the likes of the Greek and Italian soccer teams.
This, coupled to some decent up and coming talent in its national squad, brings some hope that the Hungarians will actually qualify for the FIFA Soccer World Cup 2014, and perhaps even offer the Dutch some decent competition in their game tomorrow...

I shall be watching, and hoping... :)
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