Thursday, October 4, 2012

Telkom have delivered...! Been nice knowing you, 384Kbps...

For years now, I have been plodding along on Telkom's baseline ADSL offering (384Kbps).
At first it was fine, but the internet is now one massive data crunching machine, and this means that 384Kbps just won't do anymore.

Thankfully, Telkom have been promising free speed upgrades of their base offering, from 384Kbps up to 1Mbps (approx. 3 x faster), starting this month (October 2012).

Now we human beings just love to complain.
Here in South Africa, Telkom often bears the brunt of such moaning, as their reputation in recent years has become somewhat less than stellar.

Imagine my disbelief then, when I logged into my ADSL modem tonight and saw this tidbit of info...:

Telkom, I gotta say, I am pretty darn impressed.
It's only the 4th of the month and already you have upgraded my line - good going guys!

In addition, my internet now feels insanely quick when compared to what I had before - I am having flashbacks to when I had a performance pipe installed on my 125cc motorbike back in high school... :)

So from my side, no complaints or digs at Telkom today... just gratitude. Thank you Telkom!
Have you had your ADSL line speed upgraded yet?

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