Monday, May 21, 2012

Natural disasters are kinda like gardening...

I was pulling out a few weeds the other day, and as I pulled each one, I would shake the excess sand off the roots and toss each weed aside.
As I did so, a host of tiny insects would scuttle about and scramble back into the soil as I systematically wrecked the place that they had up until that moment, called home.

It then occurred to me that the exact same thing happens to humans every time an earthquake hits, a volcano erupts, a hurricane strikes, or some other natural disaster goes on the rampage.
I guess that in much the same way that we dig up our flowerbeds, mow our lawns, re-landscape our gardens and de-weed our pot plants, the earth occasionally does some gardening of its own.

Sure, this may sound a bit cold and callous on my part, but how about we take it up a notch in scale and size.
Forget about gardening and insects, but think rather about large scale stuff like urbanisation, deforestation and the like.
What must that be like for larger animals?

It's incredible how we humans as a species on this planet, can decimate and destroy the natural world around us without batting an eyelid, but when Mother Nature steps in and smacks us around a bit we get all miffed about it.

Just saying...

p.s. I am NOT saying that natural disasters are cool. They are not.
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