Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Apple "Premium" Store opening at Eastgate soon... unless this sign is to be believed...? ;)

Eastgate Shopping Centre in Johannesburg has changed so much in recent years, and being someone who rarely visits the place anymore, it can be a little confusing trying to figure out all of the alterations that have been made, and all of the new shops that have sprung up.

One such shop, which is likely to be highly anticipated by many people, is the Apple iStore - due to open next door to Cape Union Mart sometime soon.

I had to have a good giggle then, when I saw this signage outside the soon-to-be Apple iStore (considering, of course that Apple is such a premium brand...):

No matter how hard I searched online, I just could not figure out the meaning of this brave new word that Apple have created.
Just what does "premuim" mean? :)
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