Wednesday, March 2, 2011

So the iPad 2 is finally out of the bag... I wonder when we will be getting it?

Just a few hours ago, Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the long-awaited iPad 2, and I followed it live at Engadget over here.

I won't bore you with the awesome specs, just head on over there - it is well worth taking a look at. 
New features abound, and I must say that while I originally had my doubts, the iPad 2 certainly does look like it is set to give the competition a good whipping, at least for now!

Apple are shipping this device from 11 March 2011, just over a week from now, and by the 25th March it will be shipping to at least 26 countries.
I did not see South Africa on that list though... (duh!)

I guess that the local agents (Core) will be flooded with calls tomorrow, from eager Apple fans :)

Did you buy an iPad when it launched here, and if so are you just a little peeved that the replacement is already out?
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