Saturday, February 5, 2011

Do broken noses have magnets in them?

If you read my blog, then you will know that a few weeks ago I suffered a random seizure, resulting in a broken nose and 2 fractured vertebrae.
It wasn't pleasant, and almost a month on I am still having to use painkillers fairly regularly in order to function.

Regardless, life goes on and a lot of good things came out of this particular event.
A broken nose was not one of them.

Broken noses suck, and here's why:
A broken nose, like any other broken bone in the body, takes months to properly heal.
During that time, a reasonable assumption would be that the broken bone in question should be allowed sufficient time to heal.

Isn't it just typical though, that whenever any part of your body is sore or injured, that body part will always be the part that gets accidentally knocked, smacked or otherwise abused in an intensely painful way...
Awaking from a medicine-induced slumber a few days ago, for the most brief of split-seconds I forgot that my nose was in fact not in its normal healthy state.

The subsequent upward hand movement that followed, was aimed at scratching my ear or some other part of my head.
Of course, en route, my nose was in the way, but it should easily have been bypassed and in no way affected by the aforementioned hand.
Not so.

Instead - pure, unadulterated, intense, nose-focused pain, as that same hand made solid side-on contact with my vulnerable schnozz.
There are no words. Just strange grimacing sounds, tons of teeth clenching, face-pulling and a good deal of time in order to let the pain subside.

Now here's the part where you, the reader start to feel just a tad squeamish...:
After a knock like that, a broken nose feels slightly "out of joint" so to speak... so my (totally scientific ;) resolution was to use my hands to firmly support both sides of my nose and squeeze it like hell, along some imaginary straight line.

The faint yet distinctly uncomfortable clicking sounds that followed, were confirmation (at least in my mind), that any damage done by the knock had now been undone and that my nose was fairly straight again...

Seriously though, do you not agree that injured, healing body parts are just waiting to be unintentionally smacked / hurt / otherwise victimized in some way...?

Got a similar story to share? Please tell me I am not alone here... I wanna hear all about it!
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