Saturday, January 8, 2011

Take a braai with you anywhere you go...

South Africans are a spoilt bunch when it comes to sunny braai days (the recent deluge of rain being the exception...:)
So when I saw the "Ignite Disposable Braai" at Pick 'n Pay recently, I decided to get one and try it out for myself.
To lug a Weber or a Cadac gas braai around with you whenever you go for an outing, can be a bit tedious and rather cumbersome, so this novel product caught my attention.

I was just a hint sceptical, as to whether such a compact product could produce a meaningful fire, which would burn long enough to cook a decent amount of food.
Thankfully then, the results were good - all I wanted to cook were some Woolies ribs, and they cooked through pretty darn well.

Even an hour afterwards, the fire was still decently hot, so I am sure we could have carried on cooking if we had other meat / veg etc. to throw onto the fire.

So next time you need an instant, portable, disposable braai, head over to Pick n' Pay and get one of these nifty time-savers - at the time (December 2010), the product was selling for about R70.
Not a bad price if you consider that a bag of charcoal can go for about R40.

When you want to light it up, just put a match to one corner of the paper inlay, and the coals do the rest.
Simple, clean and quick.
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